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産業用アプリケーション向けのUSB Type-CのESD保護

The USB Type-C connector has gained widespread popularity in the realm of consumer electronics. Its adoption extends beyond the consumer domain, making its mark in manufacturing and industrial automation, thanks to its capabilities in high-speed data transfer and power delivery. Additionally, USB Type-C is increasingly favored in test and measurement applications where swift and efficient data transmission is crucial.

Semtech addresses the unique challenges related to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrical Overstress (EOS) in USB Type-C used within industrial applications. The company's circuit protection products stand out with features such as low capacitance, minimal insertion loss, robust surge protection, and flexible packaging options, including side-wettable flanks. These attributes make Semtech's solutions well-suited for deployment in demanding industrial and manufacturing environments. For a more in-depth exploration of safeguarding USB Type-C pins in industrial settings, you can find additional information at