Semiconductor Solutions for IoT-Enabled Public Safety & Emergency Response

When it comes to public safety and emergency response, information – specifically, actionable intelligence – is key to making first responders’ jobs easier and safer. Shared data across emergency services can help decrease response time and human error, increasing safety for both responders and patients. Cities globally understand the potential benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for emergency response systems, especially when improved system effectiveness and efficiencies translate into saving lives and greater public safety.

Sensors are crucial to enabling these IoT-connected public safety and emergency response systems, allowing cities to collect and analyze real-time data for actionable intelligence that first responders can use.

The long range, low power and long battery life of Semtech's LoRa® wireless radio frequency platform lends itself readily for IoT-connected monitoring in emergency response applications that rely on battery-powered sensors. Using the unlicensed spectrum, devices featuring LoRa ICs operate over public, private or hybrid LoRaWAN® networks both indoor and outdoor. Networks are complementary to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Semtech’s LoRa ICs are used globally for real-time detection and measurement of environmental indicators, flagging potential problems before they escalate. Semtech also offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solutions, ideal for circuit protection in low power wide area network infrastructure.

Discover our semiconductor solutions for your smart public safety and emergency response sensors and equipment.

Getting Started: IoT Emergency Response Sensors

Sensors for IoT-enabled emergency response and public safety monitoring are highly customizable based on need. Prevalent use cases include:

  • Automated emergency response
  • Building structural integrity
  • Disaster communications, emergency calling
  • Explosive and hazardous gas detection (create exposure reports, minimize complex illnesses of first responders)
  • Fire safety
  • Gunshot sound detection
  • Liquid presence detection
  • Personal emergency response (elder care)
  • Public warning systems

As a first step, visit our Build vs. Buy: What’s Your Hardware Approach? to see what makes the most sense for your application. 

Use the simplified block diagram below as a starting point to conceptualize your own smart emergency sensors. Then find available LoRa and circuit protection options through product links below.

Battery SupplyOutput DeviceActuatorIndicatorAlarmSensingMCUPressureFlowRadiationToxic FumesEtc. LoRaTransceiver CircuitProtection

Other Resources

Not looking to design your own smart emergency response sensor? Explore Semtech’s LoRa development boards and commercially available module and sensor options through our ecosystem:

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